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Candle Elegance TM

Sage Trio

Sage Trio

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Experience the luxurious aroma of our Candle Elegance Sage Trio gift box from our Cruisin Organics brand. This thoughtful gift box is sure to delight and make any occasion special. Let our Candle Elegance Sage Trio envelope you.
Take a deep breath of our Sage Luxury Candle's calming aroma. Our organic candle is hand-poured using our creative wax composition, which combines pure sage essential oils to promote a peaceful, contemplative state of mind. To guarantee a clean and even burn each time, each candle is meticulously formulated. 

8 oz Candle
4 oz Travel Candle
4 oz Melts

Made of organic and premium essential oils, our hand-poured candle with a crackling wood wick offers hours of relaxation while promoting overall wellness.

Top: Sage
Middle/Heart: Sage Leaf
Base/Bottom: Honey & Sage
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