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Cruisin Organics ®

Goat Milk Salty Soap

Goat Milk Salty Soap

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Goat Milk soap bars are quick absorbing. Salty scrub soap is good for exfoliation.

Weight: 120 g | 4 oz soap bar Each Artisan Soap is hand poured into a soap mold. Soap molds come in various sizes, diameter and dimensions. Each weight is subject to vary. 

Organic Ingredients and small batch production creatively formulated Soap Bars. Cruisin Organic Goat Milk soaps are carefully crafted with 100% USDA certified organic ingredients in small batches to ensure creativity and uniqueness in every product.

Organic ingredients: Goat Milk & Plant-based Color

How to Use:

Lightly wet skin and soap. Apply and cleanse away oil, sweat and dirt thoroughly without irritating or dry out skin. Rinse well.

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