The (UNMASKED) Uses And Benefits Of Rose Water Cruisin Organics ®

The (UNMASKED) Uses And Benefits Of Rose Water

The (UNMASKED) Uses And Benefits Of Rose Water

What hits your mind whenever you come across the term (Rose Water), Infused Water?

It is the Product created when the Rose flowered petals are steeped into water through distillation method.

It has and continues to play crucial roles in our day to day lives. Some of us prefer to use it as a kitchen partner, health companion while others use it in religious Ceremonies.

What are the uses of the Rose Water?

Rose Water is used in many different ways which include:

1. Human consumption

-In the Middle Eastern and Persia it is used to flavor sweets like gumdrops and nougat.

- In the Arab World, Pakistan and India, it is used to flavor dishes made from the dairy products (rice pudding).

-In Malaysia and Singapore milk is mixed with red-flavored rose water to make delicious bun dung.

-It was used by American and European backers back in 19th century as flora flavoring.

-It blends well with tea, lemonade and milk in the Middle East

2. Beauty Products

-It is the center component for perfumes and cold creams.

- It is sprinkled in Indian weddings to guests feel welcome. They also use it during winter as a raw spray and apply it directly to their faces for moisturizing and natural fragrance.

3. Medical Uses

-It is used to balance skin pH, calm acne and reduces inflammations, also used occasionally as a mouthwash and ointment.

4. Religious uses of Rose Water

-Hindu, Muslims and Zoroastrian use it as a perfume in their ceremonies. Muslims in Mecca use it to clean Kaaba and Qibla. In South East Asia and Indian Subcontinent it is sprinkled in graves before laying the body.

What are the benefits of Rose Water?

1. It aids in maintaining the skin pH balance and control excessive oils.

2. It's anti-inflammatory properties helps clear acne, eczema and dermatitis.

3. It aids in revitalizing, hydrating and moistening skin for a fresher look.

4. Its anti-bacterial properties helps to heal wound, cuts and scars.

5. It helps regenerate and strengthen skin tissues due to its antioxidant properties.

6. It also aids in the clearing wrinkles in an aging skin.

7. It revitalizes hair growth when used as a conditioner.

8. It is a great make-up remover-it cleans the make up and nourishes your skin.

9. Its astringent property helps tone your face.

10. Adding a few drops of rose water into a bath tab will help your body feel relaxed.

Isn't it awesome having more knowledge about Rose Water? It is even more fun experimenting on its uses and benefits. Why not try out some today? The results are superb.

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