Beautify, Not Toxify With Organic Body Butters Cruisin Organics ®

Beautify, Not Toxify With Organic Body Butters

Organic Body Butter is not just food you stuff into your mouth; now it's food you can feed the skin as well, thanks to highly hydrating organic body butters.

Brief History of Organic Butters
Organic butters are just that - organic. They're at the forefront in the cosmetics industry's campaign to go healthy and eco-friendly through the use of natural ingredients. The concept behind this type of butters is not new, though. For years, and even dating as far back as the mid-fourteenth century, the women of West Africa have been gathering and processing shea, one of the more popular components of body butter. They used the nut as lamp oil and ointment. They also used it for food, with shea being a vital source of nutrition for the average Burkinabe family. On top of it all, shea also saw use as a soap and --- you guessed it --- moisturizer.

Organic Body Butter: Then and Now
In the old days, making organic butter was very labor-intensive. The nuts had to be boiled, sun-dried, and shelled by hand. After that, they are crushed, roasted, pounded, and kneaded. Today, many women make organic butters in the confines of their homes, using liquid oils and ingredients they can easily pluck out of the pantry or make quick trips to the grocery for. Cosmetic companies spend and earn millions selling organic butters. Dermatologists, mothers, and Oprah recommend organic body butters. Teenagers, housewives, and career women incorporate organic body butters into their shopping lists and the household budget. The world, it seems, has gone butter-crazy.

Looking Good the Healthy Way
Just what is it about organic body butters that appeal to so many, from the rural communities in fourteenth-century Africa to the posh homes of modern America? Experts say it's the natural ingredients. Organic butters lets you moisturize your skin without the toxins that are characteristic of factory-produced lotions. What's good for your body is good for your skin. Organic butters take this mantra further by hydrating your skin with nutrients that normally nourish the body. Then, too, organic butters do much more than moisturize. They relax and heal, and may be utilized for other purposes, such as treating rashes, smoothing scars and wrinkles, and soothing muscle pains. With organic body butters, you beautify, not toxify. Who wouldn't want that?

Organic Body Butters

Body Butters, your most lovely skin enhancer.

Make a lifestyle change today and whip it from those toxins!

You will be in awe and want to continue applying more because it is truly a sensational skin feel, leaving it feeling moisturized and soft. Apply as needed, your entire body will be oozing for more! Apply daily after a soothing, soaking jetted tub, after relaxing in your soaker tub, or simply after showering.

Cruisin Organics Whipped body cream 4 oz, Lavender Delight scent is great for your entire body for men and women of all ages and skin types. Enjoy and see the improvements with a daily routine.

100% Organic Restoration cream is luxurious, moisturizing and creamy. You will love our fast absorbing formulas. Our body cream protects dry skin, soothing and absorbs quickly into the dermal layers. It nourishes and instantly absorbs into your skin, hydrates body, face, neck, hands, legs, and feet

Are you ready for a healthy organic lifestyle of smooth, refreshing, soft skin with fewer wrinkles and glowing skin? Try our whipped body butters your skin will thank you.

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