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Cruisin Organics ®

Light Touch Blender

Light Touch Blender

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With double-angled sides, our Cruisin Organics Light Touch Blender provides flawless contour and coverage. The latex-free foam will lightly blend face makeup, and the precision, angled point will leave no imperfections behind. Illuminate, highlight, and contour products using the angled sides, and use the rounded sides for perfect blending.


  • Latex-free, eco-friendly foam
  • Double-angled sides for more versatility
  • It cleans easily and dries easily


  • Wet Light Touch Blender with water
  • Squeeze out excess liquid
  • Tap foundation, BB cream, powder, or any other product across your face for a beautiful blend
  • Cleanse with your favorite liquid soap and warm water
  • Replace every 4-6 months upon signs of wear


Latex-free Foam

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