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Cruisin Organics ®

Advanced Foam Sponges

Advanced Foam Sponges

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Tired of knowing your sponges come from the ocean? Our advanced foam sponges have amazing benefits over using traditional cellulose or sea sponges. Stronger and more flexible, our sponge material holds more water than traditional sponges. Odor-free for a longer time because nobody likes to use a stinky sponge.

Sea sponges are under threat. Be sure not to toss your old sponges; take the time to find another use for them. There's really great ideas online; we easily found over 30 after-life uses.

Soft and flexible, wet or dry
maintains shape after drying
holds more water
releases water better
faster and easier to rinse out
- Odor free for longer
stronger and more durable
Fantastic wet / dry wipe performance

Size: 4.72' x 3.74' x 1.96'

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