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Self Care 😰

Coloring will nourish positivity. Go to a museum, nature viewing, kayak, get your private room at the library, read and do not put yourself on a time table. Learn a new craft. Go have a take out meal and do something you have wanted to do although chose not to. Start a new activity that you think may help improve something in your life. It is never too late to believe in yourself, no more limited thoughts. Express yourself to yourself, breathe.

Overcome your obstacles.

Focus on you, makes a joyful smile. When we say kind words watch the smile you create, including your smile. You don't have to go out and be with friends, just go to somewhere you haven't been. When you walk by someone observe something you see about a person you do not know and say a kind word. You do not have to give a gift do bring a smile to yourself.

You are destined with everything God has for you, take the step of faith with self care. Strengthen yourself by taking time for you and do not feel guilty about it. Take a jetted tub time and just relax your mind, tune out the negative and tune in to your destiny of greatness. Believe in yourself like you believe in others.

"How high could you rise if you weren't being shaded by compromise?" Joel Osteen

Hang around people that inspire you, lift you to be the best you. 

Do you concern yourself with what others say you cannot do? The people we spend time with, evaluate. You will become those you hang around, walk with wise people.

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