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Looking For A Face Cream For Sensitive Skin - Try One That Contains Plant Based Oils

Finding a face cream for sensitive skin can be difficult. Cosmetic companies tend to choose ingredients that are irritating, rather than soothing. Reading the label of ingredients is the only way that consumers can make the right decision, according to the FDA. Advertising labels, such as those that say for"oily, dry or sensitive" complexion types are not regulated.

Here is a short list of ingredients to avoid if you have sensitivities and ingredients to look for, because they are soothing.

What to Avoid Artificial preservatives are one of the most common causes of adverse and allergic reactions, but those ingredients are in practically every skincare product on the market.

Parabens are the most common ingredients and should be avoided for a number of reasons. Other artificial preservatives include BHT, ethanol and BHA. Even skincare products that are supposed to be "extra" gentle contain artificial preservatives, because some kind of preservative is necessary.

What to Look for Instead Natural plant-based oils, plant extracts and other luxurious ingredients can quickly become rancid if no preservatives are added.

So, when you are looking for a face cream for sensitive skin, you want to look for one that is preserved through the use of natural vitamin E. It may cost a little more, but it is worth it.

What to Avoid Added fragrances, whether they are artificial or naturally occurring, can cause allergic and adverse reactions; redness, itching, etc. Facial creams should not contain added fragrances.

What to Look for Instead Plant-based oils and extracts have a light natural scent that is very pleasant.

One of the reasons that cosmetic companies add fragrance ingredients is to cover up the smell of ethanol and other harsh ingredients. To smell nice, you can use a small dab of an essential oil on the inside of your wrist or below your earlobe.

What to Avoid Petrolatum, mineral oil and other petroleum-based ingredients should not be included in a face cream for sensitive skin, but the first two are among the most common ingredients used by cosmetic companies.

Not only can they cause irritation, they will clog the pores and can contribute to premature aging.

What to Look for Instead I have mentioned plant-based oils several times already. Two of the most soothing are grape seed oil and

Shea butter

If you want a face cream for sensitive skin to use during the day, look for grape seed oil. If you want one for nighttime use, look for Shea butter.

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