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Headaches, oh no

Headaches, oh no! Are you aware there are numerous types of headaches?

Tension Headaches: Described from time to time as a tight band around the head causing moderate to mild pain. Some symptoms as headache, photophobia and muscle pain.

Cluster Headaches: These occur in patterns or clusters. Symptoms may include puffy eyes, dysautonomia and or headache.

Migraines: Varying intensity of headache followed by nausea, sensitivity to sound and light. Symptoms may include severe or throbbing headache or sudden, acute headache.

Migraine associated-vertigo: During a migraine may encounter feelings of dizziness or during a migraine, spinning sensation.

Chronic Headaches are a disease.

Stay Hydrated!


If you regularly drink tea, coffee and or other caffeinated beverages, reduce your risk of headaches by increasing your water intake.

By increasing the amount of fluid you lose, caffeine intake can make you urinate more Dehydration, or less fluid in your body, in volume can make your brain shrink. When this occurs, the brain pulls away from the skull. This causes the protective membrane surrounding the brain to set set off pain receptors which may trigger a headache.

To stay hydrated each person may require varied amounts of fluid. Drink eight glasses of water per day makes for a good rule of thumb.

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