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Alcohol or Alcohol Free

Say what, FDA and Voluntary hand sanitizer recalls because they are toxic to humans! Surely you have seen those recalling 70%, 75% Alcohol, what about yours?

Ask yourself, is there a benefits to having alcohol in my products? Is alcohol good for my skin and organs?

Everyone notices how dry their skin becomes after multiple applications of hand sanitizer. I buy them and discover they are loaded with alcohol and also find the label to show as Organic. Say what? Only to realize within the ingredient list a small percentage is organic, yes the rest or the balance is chemicals!

Alcohol is known to dry the skin. Effective antiseptic, alcohol is proven to kill viruses and bacteria on organics surfaces.

The drying aspects of alcohol may cause red, itchy, discolored eczema patches. symptoms can be triggered and worsen with alcohol applications to your hands after drying.

Ingredients within sanitizers may include Triclosan, intention is to kill bacteria in products from bath and body to toothpaste. High exposures per the FDA may impact fertility and disrupt hormone cycles. Triclosan has been banned among many products.

Buy our Organic Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer and rid your mind and body of those nasty toxins.

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